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Proteus photo Gregor Aljancic Mediuma           Hutovo Blato photo Gregor Aljancic a           Proteus stranded photo Gregor Aljancic Mediuma      

One of the world's prime symbols of natural heritage and its history of research, known under the vernacular name "human fish" or the olm.

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Innovative forensic method to survey Proteus distribution through the detection of its environmental DNA trace; Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, 2013–2014

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During seasonal flooding, some Proteus get washed out of their subterranean environment. Through this research we became involved in a rescue mission.

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black Proteus


Tular Cave Lab


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black proteus photo Gregor Aljancic


Tular photo Gregor Aljancic Mediuma


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Morphologically most distinct and rare; limited to an area encompassing less than 50 km2 in SE Slovenia. Even a local pollutin may .

Tular is a conglomerate cave in Kranj, Slovenia. In 1960 it was turned into a cave laboratory by speleobiologist Marko Aljančič.


Multidisciplinary team of experts on Proteus research & conservation, karstologists and cavers, with active international collaboration.



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